This poem, accurately describes the feel of Waterdeep.

Exert by Poet Dre La du. – “Countless races, Countless languages, a dozen creeds: five fleets turning through their greasy reflections behind the harbor bar. Elves with Orces, Dwarves and Humans, and Tieflings with Aasimers and Minataurs and Centaurs. The shudders of monetary transactions ripple through them like wind in a wheat-field.”

Waterdeep is full of many different races and cultures which blend into an amazing mixing pot. Because of Waterdeep’s central location and access to the Sea, it is a thriving trade center. If you want anything, literally anything you can find it in Waterdeep. Although you do have to go to the Dragon Market to find the more exotic items.

The city is run by none other than Lord Olyyv, although his position is more of that of a puppet than an actual politician. The real mechanics behind Waterdeeps political machine is a secret council of Influential personas, who gather and discuss the needs of the city. They are known as ‘ The Lords of Waterdeep.’ Their job is to create the laws and spend the budget.

The Lords counter part are known as the Justices, a group of men whose identity is known to the public who enforce the laws and verify budget spending. The Justices also vote on any new Lords to be anointed, this vote is done in secret of course. The most notable of these men is the Honorable Justice Tranka. The Town Guard and the Justicar fall under the jurisdiction of the Justices.

Waterdeep is most famously known for the lavish funerals and their ability to defend themselves in times of war. Also Waterdeep locals are known to be compulsive gamblers and have rather homely women.

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