Fearn's Crossing

“The city’s streets are indiscernible from the muck and garbage that litter it. Women empty chamber pots from upper story windows into the streets below. Cattle going to market relieve themselves freely as do the horses plodding through the mess. Oily smoke from a thousand cooking fires create an acrid haze that clouds the vision. In the distance, bells in the temples tolled out the hour, momentarily drowing out the sounds of the bustling metropolis. Overall it was a beautiful day in the city.”

Fearn’s Crossing You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. You should be cautious. The city is full of cut-purse and pickpockets. Full of brothels and crime this city is home to exiles, criminals, and the like. Any visitors are usually conned at the beginning of the day, then robbed, and by sundown are left in a ditch bleeding.

Apparently there is a potion brewer that lives here. He is described as old crotchety and a wanderer that mumbles to himself.

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Fearn's Crossing

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