Eriband was discovered a very long time ago and used to be much, much, bigger. The continent covered an area roughly the size of Asia. During what historians call the “great divide.” The small land chunk known as Eriband split from the continent near the location of The Old Pass. Some say gods were angry with each other and split the land, others say a catastrophe occurred of natural means.

After this divide the 4 remaining cities continued. Without a proper ruler and with too many motives the factions couldn’t co-operate peacefully. The 4 factions are Waterdeep, Glasswyn, Ludenburg, and Ninarth’s Peak. Each faction started to exert power over neighboring towns and gained power in that manner. During this power struggle a small colony formed, comprised mostly of exiles and outlaws the town of Fearn’s Crossing started.

There are many more sights to see besides the rival factions. The most notable of these sights is The Spire where Ninarth’s Peak’s Mage College reside. Also the White Top Lake near the center of Eriband is amazing to behold. The feared Pinewoods also reside in Eriband. Finally even though it’s not natural Caledon Prison is the only place you do not want to visit, and if you do happen to see it, be assured it’s the last thing you will see.

Have fun, explore, look around! Enjoy your time in Eriband so you can tell your tale….assuming you live long enough to tell it.

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