Other Countries

Even though Eriband is the focus of this campaign. That’s not the only political country in the world. Between Republics, Empires, and war torn lands like Eriband there are 6 really prominent Political world powers. Varisia, Mwangi, Cheliax, The Island Consortium of Seth, Cenaria, Kingdoms of Adanac, and Tandia. These don’t represent the other continents just the most Prominent world powers.

A land suffering much affliction Varisia has suffered much and still endures. They have constantly been at war with Cheliax and neither side can seem to claim an upper-hand. The war started over a dispute for a holy mountain some thousand years ago and hasn’t ended since. Varisia are considered great scholars and are the forefront of technology, arcane or otherwise in the world.

A land with two extreme climates, the first being extreme desert and extreme rain forest, Mwangi people are very Tribal and decorate themselves with many many piercings. Currently they are feared because of the powers of their sorcerers, also Sir Iko Ninarth IV has been living in their lands for a very long time now and Advises their Emperor.

With extreme feudalism Cheliax has been able to maintain a very strong military might for some time now. Their Chelaxian Phalanx soldiers are legendary and believed to be invulnerable. They have been at war with Varisia for a long time fighting over a holy mountain.

The Island Consortium of Seth is a very powerful group of Island kingdoms that have grouped together. Their Navy might is unrivaled and Seth has claimed the Sea as their mistress and Jealously guard that title. If you have any sort of Sea based trading you better believe it’s because Seth has allowed it to stay a float.

Cenaria is the Sweden of this world. Always looking for peaceful solutions to any problem and being the first country to offer aid in times of crisis. They have successfully remained neutral in every conflict for many many years. However they are known to fight fiercely if attacked.

On the other side of the world the Kingdoms of Adanac wave their banner proudly, this faction is the most hated. Through sheer determination and propaganda The Kingdoms of Adanac have been trying to create a deity of their own. The only reason they are considered a power is because of their ability to mass produce anything. If you are an ally of theirs you can consider your armies supplied.

Finally Tandia a country that started out as a refugee camp has been accepting anyone in their borders for years now. If you need to run away you can find protection in Tandia. They don’t care what or who you are all they care about is if you can pay for your stay.

Other Countries

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