Greater Deities

Pelor, god of sun, light, strength and healing. Most worshipped; N/G
Nerull, god of death, darkness, murder and the underworld L/E
Corellon, god of elves, magic, music and arts. C/N
Boccob, god of magic, arcane knowledge, balance and foresight. N/N
Moradin, god of dwarves, smithing, mining. N/G
Gruumsh, god of orcs, war, strength. C/E
Tiamat, godess of dragons, magic, destruction and chaos C/E
Absu, god of dragons, creation, good, lawful L/G

Intermediate Deities

Abadar, god wealth, towns, trade. L/N
Heironeous, god of chivalry, justice, honor, valor and war. L/G
Semreh, god of travel, horizon, roads, and distance. C/N
Obad-Hai, god of nature, freedom, hunting, and beasts. N/N
Stango, god of festives, music, feasts, wine and humor C/N
Procan, god of seas, storms, luck, water C/N
Dahak(Dragon), god of destruction, trickery, evil, chaos C/E
Evana, god of forest, woodlands, fey and fertility G/L
Erythnul, godess of hate, envy, malice, panic, ugliness and slaughter C/E

Lesser Deities

Owalisis, godess of moon, luck, knowledge, G/C
Lolth, godess of drows, spider, darkness C/E
Valkyr, god of sailors, ships, and naval combat, C/N
Tem-Et-Nu, godess of wealth, victory, life, and rivers L/N
Urbanus, god of cities, growth and improvement L/N
Urguatha, godess of plague, death, disease and undead C/E
Sharess, godess of lust, cats, luck, females C/N
Selen, god of outcasts, fate, spirit, and protection N/G
Mouqol, god of trade, negotiation, ventures appraisal and reciprocity L/N
Lirr, god of poetry, literature and art. N/N
Kurtulmak, god of trapmaking, war, and scalykind (kobolds) C/E
Lastai, godess of love, pleasure, and passion N/C
Somata, godess of glory, good, law, strength L/G
Sulerain, god of death and slaughter C/E
Halmyr, god of stragety, warfare, wisdom L/G
Altua, god of honor, nobility, and repose L/N
Maka the Assassin, shadow, illusion, death, L/E
Oramai, godess of hearth, community, family N/G
Cyndor, god of time, infinity and knowledge N/N
Amcocomon, godess of Laughter, humor, animals and joy N/G


Pantheon of Good
Pelor, Moradin, Absu, Heironeous, Evana, Owalisis, Oramai, Selen, Somata, Halmyr.

Pantheon of Evil
Nerul, Gruumsh, Tiamat, Erythnrul, Lolth, Urguatha, Osmodeus, Sulurain, Dahak, Kutulmak, Maka the Assasin

Pantheon of Dragons
Tiamat, Absu, Dahak, Kurtulmak.


Procan, Valkyr, Semreh, Tet-Et-Nu

Stango, Corallen, Lirr, Lastai, Amcocomon, Tet-Et-Nu

Abadar, Urbanus, Somata, Altua, Mouqal,

Obad-Hai, Evana,


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