Ninarth's Peak

Ninarth’s Peak, founded by Sir Iko Ninarth, arguably the most powerful wizard of all time. Ninarth started the city when he created The Spire Mage College. Ever since then Ninarth’s has grown from the base and continued on up.

The city is based around a peak that is near the mountain range known as The Spire. The cities wards and districts are divided up by the natural plateaus that surround the peak. The most popular ward is the North Market.

The city is run by Commissar Immostan, an Elf. His duties are enforcing the law and providing safety for the city. The law is created by the Cities Council, they appoint new Commissars. Finally the Council of Coin is responsible for the income of the city and all guild activity. The Council of Coin also verifies laws.

The town guard fall directly under Immostan and obey his command. They should have the most legal authority, they also do the most work. The Knights of the Pale work under the Pale Tower. Because of the towns trust with the Pale Tower their Knights are also given a certain amount of legal power, though not much. The Magistrate are the most feared and wield the most legal authority, they are mages sent directly from the College, many think they use the law to the Colleges’ own advances. Finally the Sisterhood of Silence, they legally have no power but the guard don’t stop them because of their efficiency.

The most notable things in Ninarth’s Peak are the Pale Tower where celestials and the like reside, and The Spire Mage College. The two most influential people in the city is Knight Grunde, and ArchMage Liastan.

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Ninarth's Peak

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