Ludenburg, nicknamed the hard workers of Eriband. For a long time they have been a mass producer of weapons, armor, and gold. Their innovative system of transporting minerals from the depths of the earth is amazing. Using boats and irrigation systems to flood the caves so the boats can reach the top.


The city is run by Master Trilic, of Stoneshield clan. He is a dwarf as were all of the previous masters who make sure that production from the mines is as abundant as ever. His job is keeping the guilds in line and continuing the mines delving project. He has an entourage of nobles that advise him in his duties. His title is passed on by naming a successor.

Amid the shadowy alleys and taverns there are a few guilds that run the crime in Ludenburg. Most notable of these is the Defrans Family who threaten the safety of everyone around them.

However in the light, fighting a losing war, the Bank of Abadar and his paladins are trying desperately to keep the integrity of the city. If unchecked the Bank will be forced to leave Ludenburg. Many people suspect the bank is already packing getting ready for the eventual departure.

The most iconic landmarks of Ludenburg aside from the water mines is the Gladiator Arena. One of the few left in Eriband Nicknamed the Dead Ring, the gladiator arena holds tournaments bi-yearly. Winners are treated as celebrities all throughout Eriband.

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