In a book written by the famous poet and bard Dre La Du he describes the scenery and beauty of Glasswyn

“Located near the edge of Glass Lake, Glasswyn is a luxuriant city with spruce wood rooftops and fine cobble walls. The streets are cleaned twice a day. In the market the yelling and bartering one would expect in Waterdeep is not found here instead replaced by laughing and merry music. The whimsical atmosphere is only amplified by the elegant palace overlooking the city, like a swan overlooking her young.”

Glasswyn was the old capitol of Eriband before the divide, and they haven’t forgotten. In honor of their lost heritage the rulers kept the rank and title of King and Queen. The rulers are King and Queen Parpia they have ruled honorably for the last 40 years and the city adores them. Any brave heroes or honorable people have been dubbed Honormen, a title that can only be given by the King or Queen. Honormen/Honorwomen are highly respected around Glasswyn.

Some of the folks you might hear about in Glasswyn are Honorman Captain Hossle, Guildmaster Lannistof, and Meekrat.

One thing you’ll notice when venturing about Glasswyn are the style choices. For some reason the citizens think wearing sandals everywhere is fashionable. The people there are also known for saying the phrase “See you at the sands” as a pardoning gesture instead of “good bye”. Also never lend your tools to someone from Glasswyn unless you are okay with never seeing it again, those people are always very nice and will lend anything to everyone. If you give your sheers to your brother, expect your local baker to be using it by sundown.

Glasswyn is most notable for it’s Liquid Temple. With a mirror like pool dominating the center of the temple. This temple honors all gods except for those of evil alignment. The Temple is also said to have magical properties in a pool called ‘The God’s Oasis’. If you throw money in you might have a wish granted to you.

Another important tourist attraction in Glasswyn is the Royal Bardic Symphony Orchestra. It is said the music from the Orchestra has a magical effect over the city. This orchestra was created by the Vizier of Mwangi some 200 years ago. He was given the title of ‘Honorman.’

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